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Liven up a kid’s birthday party, host the perfect Shark Week viewing night, or just bring a healthy dose of summer fun to any gathering with these easy shark fin party decor ideas!

Trace and cut two shark fins with small tabs on the bottom out of craft foam. Once cut out, hot glue the two pieces together at the bottom tabs, fold together and hot glue the fins together as well. To finish up, hot glue the tab to a plain headband for the ultimate wearable shark fin accessory.

Start by painting a wooden clothespin with gray paint. Once dry, use a fine-tip black magic marker to draw tiny eyes on each side and a white market to draw rows of teeth on each side of the opening. Glue a small piece of red felt inside the opening to resemble a mouth and attach a craft foam fin to the top of the clothespin with hot glue.

The countdown to shark week is on that I’ve got that stuck in your head, I want to share with you a fun and easy craft you can make just in time for shark week: A Shark Fin Bookmark!

So last night it was late and I wanted to make a quick and easy craft with my son. Our crafts stores were closed and I thought to myself “Hey, just rummage through your craft supplies and see what you can come up with!” So we did just that.

I ended up coming up with a fun way to encourage reading this summer through a beachy DIY bookmark. Since it’s a shark it also ties right into Shark week. My son loves these and aside from using them as bookmarks, they are just fun to play with! I am thinking they’d even be fun for a puppet show!

Note: While I used my Silhouette machine, you can certainly just cut out the design of the fin using scissors. The directions below are for using a silhouette machine.


Piece of Gray Card stock
Blue Craft Stick
Blue Glitter Glue (I got a big pack at Dollar Tree)
Hot Glue Gun (and glue sticks)
Silhouette Cutting Machine
Shark Fin Image


Download the Shark Fin Image. I’ve provided it for you HERE.

Open the image in your silhouette studio software.

Trace the shark fin image using your tracing tool (choose trace outer edge). Delete the actual image so you just have the outline of the shark fin.

Resize the traced image to 1.714 in. x 2.504 in. (like shown in the image above).

Cut the image out onto your gray card stock paper. (make sure you adjust your cutting settings to card stock)

Take your blue glitter glue and trace over the wavy part of the design to resemble the water.

Hot glue the fin onto your blue craft stick.

Allow the glitter glue to dry before using.

Use as a bookmark or allow your child to play with it!

If you are a more “visual” person, check out the short video below on how to put these together!